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Izvođač: against me - Naziv pesme: paralytic states 

Tekst & Prevod: against me - paralytic states Ispod ćete pronaći tekst pesme sa prevodom jedan pored drugog! Na našem sajtu ćete pronaći još mnogo tekstova sa prevodima od against me! Pregledajte našu arhivu i ostale tekstove, na primer klikom na slovo a od against me i pogledajte koje još pesme imamo od against me u našoj arhivi, kao što je paralytic states.


She could hear them fucking through those thin hotel walls
She heard babies crying, she heard laughter, she heard sirens
Red and blue lights flashing through those cheap hotel drapes
Blood spilled out on the porcelain
The bathtub's overflowing
Paralytic states of dependency
Our waking life's just a living dream
Agitated states of amazement
Never quite the woman that she wanted to be
Never quite the woman that she wanted to be
Spread out face down on those stained cheap hotel sheets
She spent the last years of her life running from the boy she used to be
Cut her face wide open
Shaved the bone down then pumped her lips up exaggerated
A fucked up kind of feminine
Never quite the woman that she wanted to be
Night time at the hotel
There was fighting in the hall
Thin chain lock to keep the world out
She held her breath till it was gone
Standing naked in front of that hotel bathroom mirror
In her dysphoria's reflection, she still saw her mother's son
By the time the ball dropped, it was already over
No resolutions for the new year beginning tomorrow


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