Izvođač: ann beretta - Naziv pesme: new union 

Tekst & Prevod: ann beretta - new union Ispod ćete pronaći tekst pesme sa prevodom jedan pored drugog! Na našem sajtu ćete pronaći još mnogo tekstova sa prevodima od ann beretta! Pregledajte našu arhivu i ostale tekstove, na primer klikom na slovo a od ann beretta i pogledajte koje još pesme imamo od ann beretta u našoj arhivi, kao što je new union.


Inspiration gets the best of me
cuts to the quik but won't change anything
seperation from authority we're down and out and we don't know ehy
desperation gets the best of me it cuts so deep but won't change anything the tide stays high and we don't know why
we're impossible lunatics on the rise
lose ourselves in everything in our disguise
we're the devil's advocates & there's no compromise
New Union...Old Glory...Get's the best of Me


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