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Izvođač: better than ezra - Naziv pesme: american dream 

Tekst & Prevod: better than ezra - american dream Ispod ćete pronaći tekst pesme sa prevodom jedan pored drugog! Na našem sajtu ćete pronaći još mnogo tekstova sa prevodima od better than ezra! Pregledajte našu arhivu i ostale tekstove, na primer klikom na slovo b od better than ezra i pogledajte koje još pesme imamo od better than ezra u našoj arhivi, kao što je american dream.


She was a midwestern prom queen
Got a boyfriend headed out west
They ended up in the valley
In a one-room apartment, a disconnected phone, yeah
Now 5 years later she's single
She's got 2 kids and a note
And if she gets a moment to herself
She can remember how everything used to go away
She says,
Where did the time go?
When everything was simple and free
I want to know what happened
Somebody woke me before I could have my American dream
Yeah, yeah, yeah
For 20 years he worked corporate
He planned to early retire
His CEO, he stole a billion dollars
Now he's working at Denny's hopin' for a raise
He thinks
I'm a little bit rebel, I'm a big patriot
I can see both the sides of the coin
But it still gets a bit rough, everything is screwed up
Guess it's just the American way
Sometimes I wonder how you are
You're up in New York City with the family
I think I could have been your guy
It's just a moment in time where it's slipping all away.


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