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Izvođač: dream child - Naziv pesme: crystal lady 

Tekst & Prevod: dream child - crystal lady Ispod ćete pronaći tekst pesme sa prevodom jedan pored drugog! Na našem sajtu ćete pronaći još mnogo tekstova sa prevodima od dream child! Pregledajte našu arhivu i ostale tekstove, na primer klikom na slovo d od dream child i pogledajte koje još pesme imamo od dream child u našoj arhivi, kao što je crystal lady.


There is a statue, enlightning the garden.
A beautiful lady, shaped into crystal
At the place of the heart,
There's a mirror reflecting the state of your soul.
She mesmerizes me,
(That's in her eyes)
I'm under the spell,
(It's so unreal)
There's a real person inside this crystal cell.
But if you look in her eyes,
They are far from being cold as ice.
Instead there's a fire inside,
That's burning !
And when the wind blows through her hair
You can hear melodies in the air.
With a strange song of despair,
She's calling you to :
Ride on the wings of her dream
It's not as far as it seems.
Shine on and enter her realm,
With her you'll become a king.
With a look in the mirror,
My soul is begging to open the door,
That would lead me inside her world.
Now that I have felt her,
Life without her would be so cold.
She's sending me
(Listen and learn)
Strange incantations
(Magical words)
I must repeat, to enter her dimension.
As I say these words without age,
I'm crossing the edge,
I'm feeling the change...
I've never felt, such an immense sense of love,
I'm lost in her arms, it's unreal, a delight from above.
I ask her where we are and what's her name
She answers me with a kiss and I fall in a soul abyss.


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